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Introducing Ashley Piglet our Head Chef

Coming from a family of cafes and catering company passionate about offering fresh, local, seasonal dishes on our menus, we are delighted to introduce you to Ashley Piglet the Head Chef of Village Café in Whiteman Park.

We managed to pull Ashley away from the kitchen for a minute, to sit down and ask her a few questions to find out what goes on under the chef’s hat…

Ashley Piglet

What inspired you to become a chef?

The funny fact is that I was the girl who burnt a fried egg or toast and was laughed at by my peers years ago until coming to Australia from Hong Kong. I was inspired by making breaky one day at home then realised that I wanted to learn how to create delicious, nutritional food.

What type of chef training did you do?

Jumping in a WA local cooking college 10 years ago was my turning point. It was tough but fun and enjoyable. I had great chefs who influenced and taught me techniques and knowledge about local procedures and flavour matching with Western cuisine.

Then I worked for a few hotels and resorts, which further increased my knowledge of multiple cuisines. Cooking each day would be different, however, applying my training with focus and cooking with love as ingredients can change a dish.

Ashley Piglet Head Chef

How did you come to join the team at Village Café?

I met Chef Paul, our executive chef, a year ago working at Chalet Healy Café at Araluen Botanic Park, which Paul and Mark Griffin also manage. I loved the strong culture of the team; therefore, he gave me the opportunity to come to Village Café in Whiteman Park. The company encourages people to work together as family. Every day I look forward to seeing my team and achieving goals with them. More importantly, our inspired, and combined ideas with each other not only makes the team good but better I would say.

Thank you for joining our team Ashley and helping create our new fresh, locally sourced menu featuring seasonal dishes with plenty of gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Come and try Ashley’s delicious dishes, by booking a table online to enjoy breakfast, brunch, or lunch at Village Café.