Happy 1st Anniversary Maidy | Café Manager

You walk into Village Café and boom that smiling face greets you! I’m sure you have seen Maidy before, but we’d like to put her in the limelight and introduce her to you properly.

We are happy to say Maidy has been with us for 3 years and quickly excelled to café manager one year ago. She’s all about providing exceptional customer service, she said “I just love seeing the customers smiling, enjoying their coffees and food.”

Maidy what has been your biggest accomplishments being café manager?

“It was a challenge last year implementing all the Covid regulations, but we worked as a team and kept the café open as much as we could for our customers serving take away and home meal deliveries.

Our team and culture are everything and I am proud of growing a strong team with similar values and developing effective training procedures.

The latest exciting development is the utilisation of QR Codes for online pre-ordering, not only at the tables throughout the café but anywhere in Whiteman Park. There’s no standing in queues or waiting sitting at tables, pre-order anything on the food and drinks menus, then you get an SMS when it’s ready…life is made easier!”

Maidy and customer

One of Maidy’s passions is latte art, here’s a few of her creations.

latte art
latte art bear
latte art hearts

What have you enjoyed most being part of the Village Café team?

“Over the years I have developed friends, regulars I enjoy seeing daily or weekly. I enjoy seeing how they are and how I can make their day brighter.

I feel like I couldn’t get better bosses, Mark and Paul Griffin give myself and the whole team support to grow and develop our skills. I feel like my ideas are heard and we are a family. I’m going to be here for a long time yet!”

What are you most proud of in the last year?

“Village Café is not just a cafe, we are a community, your local café serving your favourite coffee and seasonal meals, whilst supporting local businesses and employing local staff.  Plus, what I am proud of, sponsoring local charities, giving back to the community where possible and applying sustainability and zero waste initiatives.”

Thank you Maidy for brightening up our lives and making the best coffee ever!

Come and say hi to Maidy and the team, book a table for your family and friends.